Bring Your ‘A Game’ Bro

keep-calm-and-bring-your-a-game-5The timing of this post in no accident in that I intentionally waited until after Fathers Day to post it. I had some feedback from my last post, from several readers, that sometimes this can be a difficult message to take in. I have often considered toning the message down or balancing every stark criticism of western masculinity with a proportional amount of praise and adulation. I have; however, once again, reached the conclusion that I simply cannot. There are plenty of “yeah guys” resources out there but this isn’t one of them. Please don’t misunderstand; I do see hope in certain areas, I do see progress … but not enough. I decided to launch this endeavor out of a sense of urgency. Real men are an endangered species in our culture and unless we do something about it there will be significant consequences. Continue reading

Next Up … Father’s Day!

“Involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is as likely to bring.” – Dr. David Popenoe

I waited until after Mothers Day before putting this post up, and for good reason. I hope each of you took very seriously your role in leading your family into a meaningful celebration of the mom that raised you up in this world and the mother of your children. Continue reading