Start Here and Check Often

The Mantastic Revival is all about reclaiming and celebrateing real masculinity before it is lost forever.  What if everything we have been taught about who and what men were meant to be was all totally jacked?

We believe that to be a male and to be a man are two completely different things.  Real men are now an endangered species.  Rarely seen in these parts and often misunderstood, even mistaken.  But it’s not too late, we can still save the real man before he goes the way of the Pinta Island Tortoise

There is a general order in which you should read the first five blog posts, so that others are in context.  After that feel free to peruse the index to find all prior posts quickly without having to use search or scroll through the feed.

New Reader On-boarding

  1. First Click Here To Visit The About The Revival Page
  2. Now Click Here To Read About The Author
  3. Next Click Here To Read The Intro Post
  4. Then Click Here To Read The Post That Started It All
  5. Finally Click Here For Information On How To Join The Revival

Post Index Links

The Obligatory Introductory Post

How To Join The Revival (Follow The Blog)

Blame It On The Bronies

Someday There Will Be Enough Of Us To Make A Difference

Believe Something

The Big Four

Big “T”

Be Better Than Your STEREOtype

You?  Who Are You?

Bring Your ‘A Game’ Bro

Respect or Respectable 





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