Must Reads for Dads

must-readAs promised, here are the Mantastic Must Reads for Dads!  The first two are for parents in general, then three for dads of daughters, and two for dads of sons.  If you have boys and girls, like me, then you’ve got some reading to do.  When I decided to get serious about being an engaged father (read this post if you haven’t and this one while you’re at it), I churned thru every book I could find, some good, some not so much; however, these made the list for sure.

“But that’s a lot of reading … where will I ever find the time?”  Well, the average guy is said to spend 23 hours per week “on-line” (what the average guy spends that “on-line” time doing is a topic for another post).  So, if you reduce your time on the interweb by half, you’ll have 11.5 hours per week to read these books.  If you click on the title, you’ll be directed to the Amazon page for that book.

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